Marshall P. Stevens

Welcome from Pastor Stevens

As Pastor, I am privileged with extending to you a sincere invitation to visit Calvary Baptist Church. We have found that God’s Word has the answers for today’s problems. It is our desire to be able to present them to you. At Calvary Baptist Church you will find a warm welcome, practical preaching, and a place you can feel at home. We want you to know that you are loved. God loves you and so does Calvary Baptist Church. Visit soon – you’ll be glad you did!

Pastor and Pat

Pastor Marshall Stevens grew up in Calvary Baptist Church of American Canyon. He was present at the charter service, and his parents were charter members. He received Christ as his Saviour at the age of six, and was baptized into Calvary Baptist Church. Pastor Stevens met his wife Patricia while attending Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College (now Heartland Baptist Bible College), and they were married in 1974. After graduating in 1978, he worked on staff at the Covina Baptist Temple. In August of 1980, he and his family moved back to Calvary Baptist Church, where he worked as Associate Pastor under the leadership of Pastor Norman Simpson. In March 1988, Pastor Stevens assumed the pulpit and leadership as the third pastor in the history of Calvary Baptist Church. Pastor Stevens’ messages are timely, practical, and Biblical. Pastor Stevens has served on the Executive Committee and as the President of the Alumni Association for Heartland Baptist Bible College. He is a regular chapel speaker at HBBC and continues to serve in various capacities for the college. He and his wife Pat have two children, both serving in full-time ministry.
On occasion of Pastor’s 29th anniversary as pastor in March 2017, he relayed a brief history of the events leading to him becoming the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church:
“In August of 1980, I had just begun to work for Pastor Simpson here at Calvary Baptist Church.  In an initial meeting with him, he told me that in hiring me he wanted to have a man work with him and, if it was the Lord’s will, have that man eventually become the pastor.  I really didn’t hear anymore about this until the summer of 1987.  He called me into his office one day and told me he believed it was time for him to step down and for me to become pastor of Calvary Baptist Church.  He had a plan for this transition.  In a week or so, he preached his Sunday morning message and at the end read a poem he had written.  In that poem, he would tell the church that he believed it was time for him to step down as pastor and that he believed God had revealed to him who the next pastor should be. He told them to come back that night to find out who it was; that night he told them it was me. About a month later, I believe in November, he had me preach in view of a call to the pastorate.  I received a 100% vote.  I did not become pastor until March of 1988, 29 years ago this Sunday.  We had a time called the “transition.” Pastor Simpson did such a wonderful job of preparing the church for its new pastor.  I am thankful for the wisdom God gave him for that time. For 29 years now I have been blessed to be pastor of this wonderful church.  What patient people we have to put up with one pastor for 28 years and another for 29 years (PLUS)!  To God be the glory!” – Pastor Marshall Stevens