Discounts and Promotions for 2018 Academic Year:

Enrollment Discount: families of students currently enrolled and re-enrolling for the 2018 Academic Year, may receive a 25% discount off enrollment fees (of the re-enrolling student) for each NEW student referred and fully enrolled for this academic year. For example, if a family refers two new students, they would receive 50% off enrollment fees for one of their re-enrolling students. Similarly, if six referred NEW students are fully enrolled, the referring family would receive a 75% discount off enrollment fees for two of their re-enrolling students. The maximum discount is 75% off enrollment fees for any re-enrolling student. If enrollment fees are already paid prior to the new student(s) enrolling, the discounted amount will be applied to the tuition amount due. These discounts do apply to new students of the same family as well.
Early Registration Discount: families (new or currently enrolled) that fully enroll a NEW student and pay enrollment fees by March 31, 2018 will receive a 15% discount off enrollment fees for that NEW student. Currently enrolled students are charged enrollment fees according to the 2018 Pricing Sheet
Questions: speak with the Registrar (Mrs. Mindy Stevens) or Director of Finance (Mr. James Ridley)